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Vewior Home Air Purifier for Large Room True HEPA Air Filter Cleaner with Sleep Mode 5 Timer 3 Speed Adjustable

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  • [High-Efficiency Air Purifiers] Breathe in the fresh air with our large room air purifiers that cover an area of up to 1730 sq. ft in just 1 hour. Our air purifiers refresh the air 5x per hour and feature a powerful 3-stage filtration system consisting of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter.
  • [3-Fan Speed Air Purifiers] This air purifier offers three levels of air flow intensity for you to choose from - low, medium, and high - based on your air quality needs. Not sure which level to choose? Our Auto Mode feature can automatically adjust fan speed based on real-time air quality measurements. Experience the difference with our top-of-the-line air purifiers.
  • [Air Quality Display & Child Lock] Our Smart air purifiers feature a built-in air quality sensor that displays real-time PM2.5 levels on the air purifier's LED panel. The thoughtful air purifier's child lock design can avoid your baby or pet from touching the buttons.
  • [Ultra Quiet Air Purifier & 5 Timers] Enjoy peaceful and undisturbed moments with our ultra-quiet air purifier. Operating at ≤15dB, it ensures a serene environment for your bedroom. Choose from 5 timer options (2/4/6/8/12H) to automatically turn off the air purifier when you sleep or go out. LED panel light also turns off automatically, creating a tranquil atmosphere for sweet dreams. Experience fresh air without any noise or interruptions.
  • [Official Certifications for Air Purifiers] VEWIOR air purifiers have official certifications such as California Air Resources Board (CARB), FCC, ETL, etc. These certifications ensure that our air purifiers are safe and effective for use in homes with kids and pets and for families affected by air pollution. Our air purifiers are especially helpful during wildfire pollen season, providing a healthier living environment for millions of households.

Customer Reviews

Based on 847 reviews
Taylor Ranney
Didn’t even last a month!

Stopped working after 20 some days. Don’t waste your money.

Rebecca Thom

I purchased three air purifiers in a relatively short amount of time. Different brands. Every two weeks I check the filters and clear them of dust particles. This filter has never had anything in it. I put essential oil on the pad and into the EO compartment….nothing. Does not emit even the slightest scent. Which I could overlook that but Now the filter light is on telling me to change the filter. Lol. It’s not even dirty. Do not recommend this product. Go with another brand.


Junk. Stopped working after almost 2 months. Started making a loud noise one day. Also has very weak air intake, after noticing my sons room still had a lot of dust floating around after using it for a day, I tested the air intake by placing a receipt on them. It couldn’t even hold the receipt to the vent. Find a different brand.

Delores Harmon
Air purifiers

This is not quite strong enough to really help a normal size room for smokers. I thought it would have a stronger air pull in.


I bought this air filter for my bedroom to use only at night while I sleep due to allergies. I always put it on auto and it seemed to be working ok for the first couple weeks then all the sudden it got extremely loud like there’s gears grinding in it or something, so loud it woke me up and I turned it off in fear of it blowing up. I’ve since used it thinking it was just a one time deal and it gets loud like that still then eventually gets quiet so idk if that’s normal or not.